I am an Associate Professor in the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Northern Colorado. If you find yourself on campus, stop by my office in Ross Hall 2239G and say hi!


Since arriving at UNC in 2011, I have taught Discrete Mathematics many times, as well as Modern Geometry I, Abstract Algebra I and II, Calculus I and II, Topics in Calculus, Basic Analysis I and II, Algorithms and Data Structures, as well as graduate courses in Logic, Graph Theory, Analysis, and Applied Probability and Statistics. I have also designed a 1-credit corequisite course for calculus called Supplemental Calculus, to provide students just-in-time help while they take Calculus I.

I have also taught a wide variety of courses at Coastal Carolina University and the University of Connecticut while I did my graduate work there.

Discrete Textbook

To support my students in Discrete Mathematics, I have written a free and open source textbook, Discrete Mathematics: an Open Introduction. You can download the book (completely free), view the online interactive version, or find a link to an inexpensive print copy on the book’s website.


My primary interests are in effective algebra and combinatorics, computability theory, reverse mathematics, and mathematical logic. Effective algebra endeavors to understand results of algebra and combinatorics from a viewpoint of computability theory. My Ph.D. dissertation concerns the effective content of ordered fields. My thesis, along with some other papers I’ve worked on, are available on my research page